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The ideal support for your day-to-day ordering business

,We Want Shoes‘ B2B Marketplace is the new year-round online trade show for shoes and accessories.

,We Want Shoes‘ is an interactive ordering-, communication- and networking platform, on which you can do your daily business in an easy and comfortable way - no matter where you are.

,We Want Shoes‘ was launched as a useful addition to the physical ordering business. An online trade show, cannot replace a physical trade show or a showroom, because fashion is and will remain a ,face-to-face’ business. It is essential to see collections live and to touch them. However, digitalization offers additional ways to make your business more efficient and successful and to facilitate your everyday business operations in a sustainable way.

,We Want Shoes‘ provides you with smart technological solutions allowing you to use the many new business opportunities that the digital age offers to your advantage.

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