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The Brand Show.TV with Contextura at Neonyt

Montag, Jan. 27, 2020, 15:26


Contextura is a South Brazilian brand of ethical fashion with slow fashion philosophy. The pieces are designed through artistic processes to establish new relationships in use.

Based on textures as inspiration and raw material, all designs are original, timeless and offered in limited editions.

Contextura was born as a research company, in which the two partners/designers, Anne and Evelise Anicet, who are also researchers, apply sustainable fashion theories in practice.

Among the sustainable strategies most used by the brand are zero waste and upcycling. Zero waste is put into practice in intelligent modelling with zero waste and also by reusing the waste itself with textile collages. Upcycling is developed through the reuse of textile waste from the confection itself with the textile collage (ecofriendly) in the creation of new tactile textures. Sublimation prints, which do not waste water throughout the process, are made with internationally certified Oeko-Tex ink for sustainability.

The primary raw material is intelligent CO²-controlled biodegradable polyamide meshes that dry fast and provide comfort to customers. In addition, they work with organic cotton and genetically coloured wool.

The accessories are made in partnership with artisan communities.

When it is no longer possible to reuse any waste in the manufacture of fashion products, it is incorporated into art through textile collage. Some of these works have already been exhibited at Art Venice Biennale 3, Boston Biennial 4 and 5, Contextura Gallery and the Rio Grande do Sul Museum of Art (MARGS).

Contextura is currently working on circularity design, extending product and raw material life cycles, giving new uses to them and fostering the local economy.

Is a signatory to Global Fashion Agenda 2020. In 2018 received the EcoEra Award, sponsored by Vogue Magazine, Brazil. And held a fashion show in Brazil Eco Fashion Week 2019 with the Collection Lights.

Produkt-Gruppen: Ready-to-Wear, Sportswear, Footwear, Shoes, Leatherwear, Jewellery
Märkte: Women's, Men's, Children's

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